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What Are TC Bolts: Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to the fastening of steel to steel high strength applications, the fastener that's often used is Tension Control Bolts which is also referred to as TC bolts.


As a result of their dome-shaped head, they can't be easily driven using any ordinary tool. In other to work with TC bolts, a special kind of wrench is required. After the installation of the bolts, the extended part is cut off with a shearas a result of its torque.


The moment the exact amount of tension is reached, the measurement is possible as a result of the spine of the bolt.


Given the importance and usefulness of TC bolts when it comes to steel to steel high strength applications, getting quality product will be appreciated.


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 tc bolts

Essential Properties of Tension Control Bolts:

1. Due to the friction grip connection they possess, slippages can be  avoided.

2. The bolts ensure to keep the structure so tight that it encounter no sort of loosening, as well as being able to handle vibrations which can only be possible if the installation is done in a correct manner. The reason for these property can be due to the fact that the bolts are accompanied with preload.

3. They are highly encouraged for designs that may require the consideration of fatigue, since the bolts are preloaded bolts.

4. They are encouraged for structures which include swaying moving cranes and other equipments which are heavy cause, the effect of load reversals can be avoided by these bolts.

5. Aside the prevention of load reversals, these bolt can as well abolish likely any connection slip.

Advantages of Using Tension Control Bolts:

As mentioned above, TC bolts are used for steel structural construction. They are structural bolts. Hence the are manufactured for the purpose of ensuring the structure has a lasting longevity. Although the mechanism of fastening is not simple, yet, it is easy to use and have them installed by an individual.

 tc bolts

The inherent ability of these bolts helps in finding out the tension needed for holding the structure together. This inherent ability enables the user to determine if the needed tension has been obtained, heedless of the torque putted in to obtain the tension.


1. Various dimension of these bolts can be installed using a single tool.

2. Due to the period of time, there is no relaxation, torsional shear is not induced.

3. Reduced operator fatigue.

4. They can be used for smaller, which is possible by increased preloads and higher-grade steel.

5. Heavy calibrated torque wrench are not required.

6. Requires minimal tool maintenance.

7. Since they are resistant to vibration, lock nuts are not needed for these bolts.

8. No Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome risk.

9. Installing these bolts is very easy and can be done by an individual.


Problems arising with Tension Control Bolts:

Although, the process of installation can be handled by a single individual, the entire process is most at times seen to be not simple.

Because of this, some construction owner choose to use regular hex bolts for steel to steel fastening. Still, it is expedient to know that, as long as the installation is correctly done, the benefits are greater when compared to he bolts.

It is expedient to reflect on the one essential property before concluding to use tension control bolts. They are prone to loosing their lubrication as time pass, as well as corroding after they are taking out of their pack. Hence, they should be fastened the moment they are opened.

The reason for immediate fastening is to avoid allowing the shear force keep the bolts in bind when the bolts are placed into the structure without tensioning. This will lead to a change in-form of the structure as the load-bearing capacity of the bolts will begin to deteriorate.

The requirement for fastening and loosing of the bolts is extreme torque, which is the rust build up.


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